A Note About Prices and Inflation

This business pays about what I need to survive.  Some years there is a little extra and some years there is not enough, but it works on the balance.  The increasing price of everything is making that more challenging.  If you run a business that brings in twice your living expenses, you can absorb increased costs without raising prices.  If it brings in exactly your living expenses, there are no options.  I have already raised prices.  I will be raising them more and I am not going to bother announcing it as I have done in the past.  I don’t like to raise prices.  That changes the size of orders that people place, which means that you don’t always achieve the increase in revenue necessary to offset increased costs.  But, there is really no other option, other than decreasing the amount of product per packet.  I will likely do that too in some cases.

When postage increases, product prices will increase,  When the supplies I use increase in price, product prices will increase.  When the cost of my groceries, property taxes, utilities, medical care, gasoline, and toilet paper increase, product prices will increase.  I know that you are experiencing these increases just like I am, but you may be buying products from large companies that, at least for the time being, are buffering the increased costs out of their profit margins.  I can’t do that and so I won’t.  Prices will be going up regularly for the foreseeable future.  At the present rate of increase, I would not be surprised if my prices end up 50% higher two years from now.

Sorry about that.

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