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My main area of potato interest is Andean types. It is hard to generalize, but Andean potatoes generally have more vivid skin and flesh colors, more interesting shapes, and are smaller than modern potatoes. They are also notoriously difficult to grow in North America. Andean diploid potatoes are small and delicious, but usually lack dormancy, which makes them difficult to store over winter. Andean tetraploid potatoes are usually a bit larger and have good dormancy, but don’t form tubers until fall, so they require a climate that remains frost free until mid-November or even later in some cases. I resisted offering Andean potatoes for a long time because of these limitations, but they are no more difficult to grow than oca, ulluco, and mashua, which have proved very popular. We grow for adventurous gardeners, not grocers. Just remember, these potatoes require more effort to grow than “normal” North American varieties.

Andean Potato Growing Guide

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