Potato Seeds

Status: Most potato seed is sold out. We still have a little Colombian Diploid Mix and quite a bit of Diploid Mix in stock. Some items are open for pre-order now. The rest are low-demand items that we produce in small quantities and they won’t be available for order until after harvest.
Potatoes are naturally a hybrid crop and, like any hybrid plant, they don’t produce the same variety when grown from seed. Instead, potatoes are propagated by replanting the tubers, so potatoes of a particular variety are really all the same plant in a genetic sense. This isn’t a problem if you want the same potatoes every time, but what if you would like to breed your own? To breed new potato varieties, you need true potato seed (TPS). Unfortunately, many commercial varieties no longer produce seeds (or do so only rarely) and many potatoes will only produce seeds in specific climates. Once you have some true potato seeds and grow new potatoes from them, you will often get varieties that do produce seeds, after which you can continue to save both the new potato varieties and their seeds for future years. As with any breeding project, not every plant will be worthwhile, but some will not only be good, but possibly even better adapted to your local environment.

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