Oca: True seed availability

I have a lot more oca (Oxalis tuberosa) seed than I can use, thanks to a very favorable growing season.

If you are interested in doing some oca breeding, I would be happy to share some seed with you.

There are two qualifications:

1. If you get a variety that is particularly good, I expect you to send me some of the tubers.

Several people have asked me what “good” is.  I’m really leaving that up to you.  Earlier is certainly good.  Frost tolerant is good.  Tasty is good.  Unusual coloration is good.  Of course, these things are only good if the plant grows well in general.  We’re not entering into a legal contract here; if you get something interesting, just send me a tuber or two.

2. If I send you a a specific cross, I may ask you to report some results (when it flowered, how much, tuber color, yield, and perhaps a few other things).

Hopefully, with more people growing and breeding oca, we can start to find varieties that form tubers earlier and flower in a wider range of climates.

If you don’t want to participate, but you still want oca seeds, some crosses are available in our seed shop.

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