Potatoes: Potato berry harvest

We’ve been harvesting potato berries from different varieties as they died down, but we did our biggest harvest yesterday and today.  These are berries from plants grown from tubers.  There will be a second harvest of berries from plants that were grown from seed this year in about a month.

Berries from 30 different potato varieties

That is a US quarter in the middle for size comparison.  The rounder berries are from tetraploid potatoes and the more tapered berries are from diploids.  Purple berries are from purple-fleshed potatoes, although some purple-fleshed potatoes have green berries as well.  The typical berry contains somewhere between 50 and 300 seeds, although we have some that are unusual crosses and produce less than ten seeds.

We have harvested about ten pounds of berries and will probably get a couple more from this year’s seedlings.  That will probably produce somewhere between 10,000 and 30,000 seeds, although the bulk of those will be from a few relatively prolific varieties.

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