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Dahlia campanulata (20 seeds)


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Dalia campanulata is a wild relative of the common garden dahlia from southern Mexico.  Large, drooping white flowers that turn pink to red toward the centers.  Plants are tall, reaching about six feet here, but reported to grow up to nine feet tall.  Flowers late.  Tubers very large.  Seems like there might be good breeding potential for larger tubers in edible species.  I have found no information about the edibility of this species, so proceed with caution.

None of our dahlias are grown on a spacing that precludes cross pollination between species.  They aren’t right next to each other, so they will be reasonably pure, but there is always the possibility that you will get some seedlings that are inter-species crosses.  To my way of thinking, that only adds extra value, but if you have a need for absolute purity in your seeds, these might not be what you are looking for.

20 seeds per packet

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Hot Humid Continental (Midwest), Humid Subtropical (SE), Marine West Coast (PNW), Mediterranean (CA), Warm Humid Continental (NE/Canada)

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