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Please make sure to read the entire description before puchasing this subscription.

The Cultivariable Early Access Program provides trial growers the opportunity to evaluate new varieties before they are released.  We have been working with volunteers through various venues for several years now and, although the feedback is valuable, the percentage of growers providing poor or no feedback is very high.  The cost of providing free materials to non-responders is too high, so we are exploring alternatives.  We have consistently found that the rate of response is much higher among people who have purchased varieties from us than those who have obtained them at no cost.  Thus, the EAP was born.  At $20 per year, it ensures that you have some skin in the game and really want to participate.

The goal of the Early Access Program is quality information that we can use to determine which varieties we should release in the future.  To facilitate this, we will send you three surveys during the growing season.

Now the good stuff…  When you subscribe, you will gain access to the EAP product category in the store and you will be able to purchase evaluation varieties roughly at the cost of packing and shipping.  In 2016, we expect to have all offerings available by April 1st and there will be about 20 varieties of oca, and two or three ullucos and mashuas.

All varieties are offered under open source terms, however, you are not allowed to sell or share the materials that you purchase from the program for use as seed until one of the following two things happens:

  • We decide to drop the variety.  In that case, you can continue to grow and share the variety under open source terms as long as you like.
  • We decide to release the variety.  In that case, you are welcome to share the variety one year after we release it. If we decide to release a variety, we want to be the exclusive source in its first year.

We’re not going to come after you with lawyers, but if you break the rules we’ll just cancel your subscription and won’t let you sign up again.

There are only 25 subscriptions available, since that is about the biggest program we can manage.  I don’t expect all of those to be claimed in 2016, but you never know.  Once the limit is reached, new subscribers will only be taken on as others drop their subscriptions.  Our software will try to automatically renew the subscription annually, but you can cancel at any time and, if you should be billed for a year and then decide not to participate, we will refund you.

You can view this year’s Early Access varieties here: https://www.cultivariable.com/catalog/eap/


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