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Potato, OC-16-1x14Nx16


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This is a diploid potato of Colombian background.  It was selected as one of the best performing potatoes in its category in 2016.  This potato has a short dormancy period and does not form tubers until day length falls below 13 hours.  In long days, it will grow into a very large, ornamental plant covered in dark purple flowers.  The tubers are purple with yellow flesh that sometimes has a purple ring.

This variety is likely to perform best in climates where summers aren’t too hot and where autumn weather is mild.  It may be difficult to store.  We recommend storing seed tubers in a partly closed plastic bag in the crisper drawer of your refrigerator.  The closer that you can keep this variety to freezing (without actually freezing), the longer that it will store.

We are offering several low dormancy diploid potatoes this year as a test.  Your results will help to determine whether or not we will offer more in the future.

We cannot ship potato tubers to Alaska, California, Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Hawaii, or Montana.

Three small to medium tubers per packet.

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