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Mashua seeds

Mashua true seed (10 seeds)


Mashua (Tropaeolum tuberosum) true seed.  10 seeds.

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Mashua information and growing instructions

Mashua seed is difficult to produce in quantity and is not available every year.

Mashua is normally propagated vegetatively, by replanting tubers, which are clones.  Mashua also produces true seed, although it requires a frost-free autumn and early winter in order to mature the seeds.

When you grow out true mashua seed, you will get a brand new variety that you can maintain indefinitely by replanting the tubers. Plants that are propagated vegetatively are very appealing this way: if you get a plant that you like, you have a stable new variety that is all your own.

These seeds are open pollinated, harvested from our collection of domesticated mashua varieties.  Mashua usually self-pollinates unless steps are taken to prevent this, however, it is a tetraploid crop, like potato, so even self-pollinated seeds should display quite a bit of diversity.

Mashua germination is slow and irregular, requiring 2-6 months.  Seedlings develop rapidly once they break the surface of the soil.

Packet details:

10 seeds.  Expected germination rate is about 60% in six months, but may be greater if seeds are given more time to germinate.


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