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Oca, Mixed Seed, Group 1 (60 seeds)


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60 seeds

Oca is normally propagated vegetatively, by replanting tubers, which are clones.  Probably because oca has been grown this way for hundreds or thousands of years, it is very difficult to get true, botanical seed, which is the key to breeding new varieties.

When you grow out true oca seed, you will get a brand new variety that you can maintain indefinitely by replanting the tubers. Plants that are propagated vegetatively are very appealing this way: if you get a plant that you like, you have a stable new variety that is all your own.

Of course, we can’t guarantee what you will get. Oca is an experimental crop in North America. You may get several excellent new varieties, or you may get weak and inferior varieties, or you may get nothing at all.

These seeds were collected from plants in Group 1, which includes all of the popular tuber varieties that we sell.  We have sold this mix for three years now and have received good feedback and seen a lot of great new ocas from this seed.  The varieties included in this mix change very little from year to year.  Because the parent varieties are some of the best that we offer, it is reasonable to think that the seeds from this group may have more consistent quality.

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