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Oca, Blood Red (2018 PRE-ORDER)



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We have had a hard time producing enough of this variety to meet demand, so it is not available for pre-order.

Dark red tubers with minimally contrasting eyes.  Only a moderate yielder, but the tubers have good size.  After exposure, flavor brings to mind squash and sweet potato, slightly tart.  Plants have a bit of red mottling to the foliage.  A very nice variety, but the similar Pink Dragon is superior.

We’re not sure where this variety came from.  It appeared among tubers of another variety several years ago.  It may have been another variety mixed in when we added new material to the collection or may have arisen as a mutant or (much less likely) a volunteer seedling.  We treat it as an unidentified heirloom variety, since that is the most probable origin.

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