Oca, Pascou (2018 PRE-ORDER)


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This item is a pre-order for our 2017 crop, to be delivered between fall 2017 and spring 2018.

A Peruvian heirloom variety that may rival New Zealand Red for the largest tuber size among ocas in the collection.  Large, thick tubers are mostly yellow with some red blushing around the middle that increases with exposure to light.  Vigorous plants with stout, red-purple stems.  It has taken a few years to get this variety cleaned up for sale and not much is available this year, but we should have plenty in 2016.

The tubers are big, but they are also a little later to bulk up, so if you have early frosts, you’re still better off with slightly earlier varieties like Sunset, Pink Dragon, or Sockeye.

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