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Walking onions go by many names: Egyptian onions, tree onions, topset onions, and other combinations and variations on the theme.  They are an interspecies hybrid between Allium cepa and Allium fistulosum.  Although every part of the plant is edible, walking onions aren’t typically grown for their main bulb.  Instead, they are used as a perennial source of onion greens and bulblets.  Unlike most onions, walking onions don’t flower much or set seed.  Instead, they form bulblets at the top of their flower stalks, much as garlic does.  These bulblets can be eaten or replanted to propagate the plant.

Walking onions are a great way to have a source of onion greens without stunting the growth of your bulb onions by taking trimmings from them.

Packet: 10 bulblets / $5.

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