Potato, Quilcene (2018 PRE-ORDER)


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This item is a pre-order for our 2017 crop, to be delivered between fall 2017 and spring 2018.

Quilcene has its origins in the “criolla” (creole) type potatoes of Colombia.  This type would once have been classified as Solanum phureja, but is now included under Solanum tuberosum ssp. andigenum.  This variety is a great introduction to Andean type potatoes, because it is everything that your typical grocery store potato is not.  The tubers are small, reaching about the size of a chicken egg, and the yields are fairly low for potatoes, reaching 1 to 1.5 pounds with good management.  The tubers are mostly yellow/orange in color, with some blushing red.  The flesh color is similar: a rich yellow to orange color.  Due to the smaller size of the tubers, flavor is excellent and cooking time is short.  Dormancy is very short in this variety, which will be a problem in areas with long, cold winters.  You can keep tubers alive for planting in the refrigerator, which will slow their sprouting.  In mild climates, you can easily get two or three crops per year simply by replanting a tuber when you harvest.

Five small tubers.

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