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Potato, Bicolor Mix (100 seeds)



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We rely on a relatively small number of plants to produce this mix, so we don’t offer it for pre-order.  Assuming that all goes well, it will be available around Nov/Dec.

This was a tough one to put together.  It is fairly easy to find bicolor potatoes, but difficult to find those that will produce a reasonable percentage of progeny that are also bicolor.  These seeds are a mix collected from 22 different bicolor varieties.  About one third of the seeds will produce similarly bicolored progeny.  Most have large spectacles around the eyes of a different skin color.  Others have larger saddle-shaped markings.  Both diploid and tetraploid types are included.  Some will have fully or partially colored flesh.  As with all of our potato seeds, these will produce potatoes with a wide variety of characteristics, including different skin and flesh colors, different flower and foliage colors, and all shapes and sizes.

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