Potato, Diploid Mix 2016 (200 seeds)


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Once you have tried growing tetraploid potatoes from seed, you might want to try growing diploid potatoes as a new challenge.  The seeds contained in this packet are primarily diploid, derived from the indigenous potatoes of the Andes.  Diploid potatoes are more difficult to grow in North America than tetraploids and are characterized by day length sensitivity, late tuber formation, poor dormancy, and small size.  They are outbreeders and will not set seed without hand pollination where natural pollinators are scarce.  Why bother with diploid potatoes, given all of those challenges?  Flavors can achieve heights that tetraploid potatoes rarely reach.

These seeds are a mix collected from different varieties.  In 2016, 57 varieties contributed to the mix, a majority of which were Colombian accessions obtained from the USDA gene bank.  19 varieties were our own second to fifth generation varieties originally grown from seed.  Our varieties have been selected for longer dormancy, but many of them still have rather short dormancy periods of four to six weeks.  They will produce potatoes with a wide variety of characteristics, including different skin and flesh colors, different flower and foliage colors, and all shapes and sizes.  The more that you grow, the more varieties you will see.

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