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Potato, Tetraploid Mix (200 seeds) (2018 PRE-ORDER)


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This item is a pre-order for our 2017 crop, to be delivered between fall 2017 and spring 2018.

This mix is meant to be an introduction to true potato seed.  You get a lot of seeds (200+) so that you can learn and make mistakes and still have plenty to grow.  The seeds contained in this packet are primarily tetraploid, which is the more familiar category of potatoes in the northern hemisphere.  Tetraploid potatoes are characterized by early tuber formation, good dormancy, larger size, and the ability to self-pollinate.  We have mostly eliminated self-sterile types, but a few are still likely to pop up.  They may not achieve flavors as fine as those of diploid potatoes.  Potato germination is slow and irregular, but we’ve found a total germination rate of about 70% over three months.

The composition of the mix changes from year to year.  In 2016, the mix contains seeds from 119 varieties, although 27 varieties make up half of the mix.  About 80% are from our own seed grown varieties and about 20% are from commercial varieties and named clones from other breeders.  This mix will produce potatoes with a wide variety of characteristics, including different skin and flesh colors, different flower and foliage colors, and all shapes and sizes.  The more that you grow, the more varieties you will see.  Some will probably be as productive and tasty as mainstream varieties.  Others will be inferior.  When you grow potatoes from seed, you are rolling a lot of dice.



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