Potato, Colombian Diploid Mix 2016 (100 seeds)


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These seeds are a mix collected from plants grown out of 34 USDA accessions of Colombian potatoes.  Unlike many of our mixes, these seeds were collected from the entire group of seedlings, not just those that we selected to grow again.  Because of that, the mix should preserve most of the genetics found in the source material.  Colombia is particularly rich in low dormancy diploid potatoes and is well known for small potatoes with deep yellow flesh, such as papa amarilla and yema de huevo.  Many of the potatoes from this mix will have very low (or no) dormancy and some will require short days to form tubers, which means that they won’t begin to make tubers until late September and need until mid-November to produce good yields.  As with all of our potato seeds, these will produce potatoes with a wide variety of characteristics, including different skin and flesh colors, different flower and foliage colors, and all shapes and sizes.  This mix will not be available every year because we only do large grow outs of this kind of genebank material at the start of new projects.  We may not offer this mix again for quite a while once these seeds sell out.

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