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Potato, Self-compatible Diploid Mix (100 seeds)


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This will be a new mix for 2017.  These seeds are a mix collected from the best of our self compatible diploid lines, most of which are varieties grown from seed.  Most diploid potatoes are self-incompatible, so they must be crossed in order to set seed.  These seeds were produced by varieties that have an inhibitor gene that disables the incompatibility mechanism.  By pollinating the plants grown from these seeds with other diploids, you can produce self-compatible diploids with new characteristics.  You can also allow self-compatible varieties to self-pollinate for several generations, producing highly uniform (although generally inferior) seed-grown potatoes.  As with all of our potato seeds, these will produce potatoes with a range of characteristics, including different skin and flesh colors, different flower and foliage colors, and all shapes and sizes, but most will be small with yellow or white flesh.

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