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Turnip rooted chervil (200 seeds)


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Root chervil (Chaerophyllum bulbosum) is an uncommon root crop – a close relative of the herb chervil.  It produces a carrot-like root with (to my taste) a very appealing sweet & savory flavor.

No variety is stated for this one.  I get variable results and it appears that this seed is in need of some reselection.  Inbreeding depression is common in related plants and is probably at work here.  These seeds will get you started, but you’ll want to focus on saving your own seed from as many as possible and then selecting the better plants from among those.  You’ll get some good eating size roots from these, but you’ll also get some spindly, pencil like roots.  The only real hope for obscure crops like this is to get more people growing them and exchanging seed.

Low germination and the seed life is very short (like parsnip).

Our germination tested lower than usual this year.  We’re not sure why, but the most likely cause was the weather.  68% germination from these seeds in the lab, and field results are usually worse, so we’ve increased the seed count per packet to compensate.

Approximately 120 seeds.  Sow them all and hope for 60 plants.

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