Sea kale seeds, shelled (30 seeds) (2018 PRE-ORDER)


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Sea kale unshelled and shelled

This item is a pre-order for our 2017 crop, to be delivered between fall 2017 and spring 2018.

Crambe maritima.  Not the common sort of kale, although somewhat similar in appearance.  Sea kale is an attractive, blue-green, leathery leaved plant that grows wild on European sea shores.  It is a pretty forgiving perennial vegetable.  Once you have one plant, you can easily propagate it by breaking up the roots during the dormant season.  You can eat all parts: shoots, roots, florets, leaves, and even green seed pods.

These seeds are the product of open pollination between plants from many sources.  You should see variations in leaf and stem color, plant size, and earliness of flowering, among other things.  Select the plants you like best and propagate them by taking root cuttings.

30 seeds.  We have removed the encapsulating cork from our seeds and eliminated all the empty shells and seeds that were not fully mature, so when we say 30 seeds, we mean 30 seeds.  You should buy these seeds if you plan to sow them all next year.  If you plan to store them for longer than that, choose seeds with the shells intact instead, as they appear to retain better germination in storage.

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Hot Humid Continental (Midwest), Marine West Coast (PNW), Mediterranean (CA), Warm Humid Continental (NE/Canada)

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