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Skirret (Sium sisarum) is a historically interesting and tasty root crop.  Not particularly high yielding, but forgiving and perennial.  After two years, or perhaps one in really favorable conditions, you get a small clump of thin, white, carrot-like roots.  Flavors are subjective, but I find that it has a flavor somewhere between carrot and parsnip.  It likes wet, shady conditions, so it may give you a food crop in areas that otherwise don’t get much use.

Low germination rate and slow as well.  Give it two months – some will germinate in a week, others after you are sure there is no hope.  Once you have a plant, you can propagate it vegetatively with ease, although this is another uncommon plant that would really benefit from some more enthusiasts growing it from seed on a regular basis.

Group 2 seed is collected from our entire skirret population, with the exception of those in Group 1.  This includes plants from seven different sources: three genebank accessions, two wild collections from Europe, and two varieties obtained as superior clones.  As far as I’m aware, this is the greatest skirret diversity available anywhere.  This mix should be of primary interest to breeders.  For the more casual skirret grower, Group 1 seed is likely to provide superior results.

Approximately 100 seeds.


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