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Marsh Woundwort, Hexaploid, 5 rhizome segments


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Marsh woundwort (Stachys palustris), is very similar to Chinese artichoke, but with a more earthy flavor.  Tubers reach a maximum of about 5 inches in length, although more typically about half that.  Not particularly heat tolerant, but handles chilly weather better than Chinese artichoke.  Keep it well watered for the best yield.  A good plant for swampy areas, although you might want to plant it in buried containers to keep it from running away.  Plant or pot immediately on receipt; they don’t keep very well out of the ground.

There are a number of different populations with different ploidy levels.  This type is of European origin and we believe that it is hexaploid, although we’re not entirely sure (tried to count the chromosomes, but they were tiny and there were a lot of them!)  It grows tubers a little larger than the North American type for us.

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5 rhizome segments, two to three inches in length

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Hot Humid Continental (Midwest), Humid Subtropical (SE), Marine West Coast (PNW), Mediterranean (CA), Warm Humid Continental (NE/Canada)

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