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Ulluco, Queets (2018 PRE-ORDER)



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This item is a pre-order for our 2017 crop, to be delivered between fall 2017 and spring 2018.

This is an open source variety.  Click for more information.

Queets is an amazing looking ulluco, with long pink/purple tubers that look almost fluorescent with freshly dug.  We had several accusations of Photoshopping the image after first posting it on Facebook, but the pictures are as true to life as my camera can capture. Flesh is white and this makes a great salad variety when sliced thinly.  Harvest was almost 2 pounds per plant in 2016, which puts it among the top 10% of varieties by yield.  Mild, with very little beet flavor.  Although some of the color washes out with cooking, as is true of all ulluco varieties, this one holds color fairly well.  It remains red and the flesh even darkens from white to red with moderate cooking time.

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