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Yacon, Quinault (2018 PRE-ORDER)


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This item is a pre-order for our 2017 crop, to be delivered between fall 2017 and spring 2018.

Yacon information and growing instructions

This is an open source variety.  Click for more information.

Quinault is the first new variety from our yacon breeding project.  It may be the first new yacon variety grown in the United States.  We think that this variety will be of great interest to people who are interested in yacon breeding, because it has superior seed set and pollen production.  We collected almost four seeds per flower from this variety from 2015, which is quite a bit better than most varieties.  Some of those seeds have now germinated.

Other than its value for breeding, it appears to be a top performer.  We don’t have years of experience with it yet, so there may be surprises in store, but the yield was very good and the taste of the tubers was on the sweet side after solarization.  Mature tubers come out of the ground a light/red purple and darken up substantially when exposed to sunlight.

The one purpose that this variety is not suitable for is as an ornamental.  It is a slovenly looking plant with sprawling stems and droopy leaves.  That doesn’t affect food production, of course, but it is a better plant for the back yard than the front.

Medium-tall, red tuber, red stem.  Early flowering at about 155 days.

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