Root and tuber progress

This is just a quick update on progress made by several of our root and tuber crops.

Skirret seedlings

Skirret continues to grow at its glacial pace.  We have actually achieved just over 50% germination now.  It took 30 days to get to 50%.  The germination has been so slow and irregular that I would not be surprised to see most of the rest sprout over the next 30 days.

I transplanted two out to the skirret bed, but one was immediately eaten by a robin, so I will hold off on planting out any more until they have grown into more than a bird’s mouthful.

Andean tubers are doing well in the greenhouse.  Oca began sprouting a couple weeks ago, but was joined this week by ulluco and mashua.

The ulluco makes quite an interesting picture with its bright red sprout and yellow-green tuber.  This variety is supposed to produce a larger tuber than the variety that I tried last year, so I am hopeful that it will do more than just look good.

Spouting ulluco

The mashua practically erupted out of the soil this week, putting on a good six inches of growth.  It is probably time to transplant it into its permanent location.

Mashua sprouting from buried tuber
And, the oca continues to make good progress.  I still probably won’t plant it out for about a month.
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