Skirret: First transplants

This year’s adventures with skirret (Sium sisarum) start here.

Today I put together a new bed for the skirret.  Placement took a bit more consideration than the usual practice of tilling up a row.  Skirret is a perennial, so we don’t want it stuck in with the annuals, making it difficult to work around it each year.  Skirret is apparently also a stream-side plant in the wild and wants a wet environment.  That is not hard to supply here most of the year, but we do dry out a bit in the summer.  I built an 8×8 foot bed in our little artificial wetland that has formed where the duck pool drains.  This is an area that gets only partial sun, which may or may not be good for skirret, depending on what you read.

New skirret bed (yes, I know it is a bit crooked, but the plants don’t care)

Two of our skirret seedlings in the greenhouse started sprouting roots out the bottom of their peat pellets, so it was time to transfer them.  Clearly, skirret produces a lot more root growth than top growth early on, as neither plant has grown very much.  The earliest is just starting to send up some true leaves.

First skirret seedling of 2013

The other seedling is a couple of days behind.

Second skirret seedling of 2013

I’ll keep moving them into the bed as their roots poke out as long as these two survive.  Outside temperatures aren’t much lower than the greenhouse temperature at night right now, so I think that they’ll do fine.

Skirret seeds and offsets are sometimes available in our seed shop.

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