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Oca seeds

Oca (Oxalis tuberosa) seed is now back in stock in our shop.  Depending on the rate at which orders come in, we may run out periodically, but I expect to collect enough to satisfy orders through spring, so if you want to wait to buy when tubers are available, that shouldn’t be a problem.  (No guarantees, of course; we could get an unexpectedly large number of orders.)

Our shop is currently in a bit of disorder as we get ready for a full update in November.  Most items are out of stock.  Here is a link that will take you straight to the oca seeds.

If you ordered last year, you will notice some things that are different:

Seed Groups

We are not offering controlled crosses this year.  Once I calculated the time that it takes to produce those seeds, I arrived at a price that few would be willing to pay.  So, we don’t plan to offer controlled crosses for sale again.  Instead, we are offering open pollinated seed collected from two different groups of plants.

Group 1 is collected from all of our popular varieties.  This is comparatively easy since we grow a lot of each variety, which makes seed collection less laborious.  We think of this as a high quality but lower diversity batch.  You get double the number of seeds (60) that we offer for Group 2.  18 varieties contribute seed to this batch.

Group 2 is collected from our preservation and experimental varieties, which involves a lot more labor, so you only get 30 seeds.  We think of this as a high diversity but probably lower quality batch.  If you want to be on the cutting edge and get maximum genetic diversity in your seed, this is what you should choose.  About 30 heirloom varieties and more than 300 varieties from our breeding project contribute seed to this batch.


Collecting oca seed involves a fair amount of labor.  Last year we took a guess at a reasonable price, but this year we actually tracked the time involved and came to the conclusion that prices had to be increased.  So, Group 1 is $9/60 seeds and Group 2 is $9/30 seeds.

Bulk Seed

Last year we offered larger quantity packets as well.  These were very popular and the result was that we ran out of seed early.  In order to make sure that more customers can get seed, we’re not offering larger packets this year, although we might do so in late spring if we still have a lot of inventory.

We’re still planning to begin tuber sales sometime in November and we will have a lot of exciting new offerings this year if mother nature takes it easy on us.

Happy growing!

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