Ulluco: Canned ulluco compared to my results

For an introduction to ulluco (Ullucus tuberosus), please see this earlier post.

With a little bit of searching, you can find canned ulluco.  Some hispanic markets carry it and you can also find it on Amazon if you know what to look for.  Look for “olluco” or “melloco”, both of which seem to be more common names for ulluco in South America.  In fact, I rarely see ulluco used in Spanish – olluco seems to be the most common name.

At any rate, my order of canned ulluco arrived today – probably the most expensive single can of food that I’ve ever purchased once you add in the shipping.  Here is is in all its glory:

Inca’s Food canned ulluco
As you can see, it says “olluco” and “melloco,” but there is no mention of “ulluco” anywhere.
A closer look at the can reveals a picture that looks very similar to the ulluco that I grew:
Or is it melloco?
Yep, that sure looks like Pica de Pulga ulluco.
Perhaps not the world’s most nutritious food, although I’m sure the canning process doesn’t enhance its nutrient values.
Mmm.  Salty carbs.
Here is what the can contains:
It was kind of off-putting that it looked like a can full of fingers.
Now, time for the big reveal.  How does my ulluco harvest compare to the results of Big Ulluco?

Ulluco porn is even more emasculating than real porn

Man, that’s just sad.

A note on colors.  I assume that the ulluco skin color is washed out by the canning process.  They look a lot like potatoes in this picture, but they definitely taste like ulluco.  You may also notice that mine are looking pretty green compared to the last time I showed them.  They have been sitting on a window sill in order to get them sprouting as soon as possible, so they have gotten a lot greener in the past week.

Although I didn’t do a side by side taste test, because I don’t want to eat my seed crop, the canned ulluco tastes just like my fresh ulluco, so if you like ulluco but don’t want to grow it, this might be a good way to get your fix.

We used the canned ulluco to make olluquito con carne and it was really tasty.  That is almost too bad, since I will now have to keep trying to grow it.

Ulluco is sometimes available from our seed shop.

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