The best way to reach us is email:

Don’t expect a fast response.  We get a pretty large amount of email and I rarely respond in less than a week.  At the busiest time of year, it may take more than a month, particularly if your email requires a thoughtful response.  Many of the questions that people send me are already answered in our growing guides, so please take a look at those.  Many questions also arise about timing of shipments and you should really read our Shipping page if you haven’t.


We don’t take orders by phone.  Operators are not standing by.  Consider phone to be a method of last resort for reaching us.  We live at the edge of cell phone signal range and your call probably won’t even ring though.  There will rarely be anyone nearby to answer, but you can leave a message and we’ll return your call when we’re back in the office.

(360) 830-6375

Our mailing address:

We sell only by mail order and have no public facilities.  I hate to have to spell it out, but an increasing number of clever people have figured out where we are located and stopped by unannounced.  Please don’t do that.  There is a reason why I spend most of my time with plants.  I am a reclusive person and tolerate unexpected visitors poorly.

PO Box 111
Moclips, WA 98562



Cultivariable will not open for sales in 2017. We will be back in 2018. For more information, read the notice at the top of our home page. Dismiss