Cultivariable Status

If you have looked at this page before, you might need to do a forced refresh to see the latest version.  That’s usually CTRL+F5 for Windows, Command+R for Mac, and F5 for Linux.

If you have placed an order and did not receive an email, please check your spam folder.  I don’t know why people click spam on their order invoices, but enough do that gmail seems to be automatically classifying them as spam now.  You can also look up the status of your order at any time under My Account.

Root and tuber prices will be increasing by 15% on July 1st.  Seed packet prices will not increase this year.

May 18 2021: We are now in preorder season.  Seeds are in stock and will ship weekly.  Roots/tubers with very few exceptions are available as preorders that will be delivered after harvest at the end of the year.  This page probably won’t be updated again until late summer.