Cultivariable Status

If you have looked at this page before, you might need to do a forced refresh to see the latest version.  That’s usually CTRL+F5 for Windows, Command+R for Mac, and F5 for Linux.

If you have placed an order and did not receive an email, please check your spam folder.  I don’t know why people click spam on their order invoices, but enough do that gmail seems to be automatically classifying them as spam now.  You can also look up the status of your order at any time under My Account.

ATTENTION FENG ZHANG: Your order has been returned and you don’t seem to receive my emails.  Can you please send me an email from a different account?

Nov 26 2021: Root and tuber ordering (with rare exceptions like wild potato tubers) is closed until harvest and inventory are done, probably through the end of 2021.  You can still order seeds.  Weather has been very wet and harvest is proceeding slowly because of that.  I have about as many preorders piled up as I feel comfortable with, so I will need to ship some of those before offering more.  There will be more mashua, oca, and ulluco available in January.  I am also in the midst of making some major changes to the site, including DNS and mail server changes, which means that there is a good chance that there will be some downtime for the site this month.

Oct 20 2021: Harvest is now ongoing, which means that order shipping is limited to heavy rain days.  Expect 2-3 weeks shipping time for in stock items.  Harvest should wrap in late November.  Many pre-order items are sold out, but I expect that a lot of those varieties will be available again after harvest and inventory have been completed in December.  We’re getting close to the maximum number of preorders that I allow to accumulate, so it seems likely that I will shut down new orders for roots and tubers sometime in December into January while I catch up on shipping.  As always, thanks for your patience.  Now and early spring are the most challenging times of the year, with a lot of competing demands.

Sep 4 2021: Seed packet prices have increased by ten cents to absorb increased cost of postage and materials.

Aug 12 2021: Potato tuber sales will work differently this year.  Due to an earlier than usual harvest, I will be shipping most potato tubers before winter.  Some varieties are available now and more will become available over the next two weeks.  More details: Important Notice about 2021 Potato Tuber Sales – Please read before ordering