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If you have looked at this page before, you might need to do a forced refresh to see the latest version.  Thats usually CTRL+F5 for Windows, Command+R for Mac, and F5 for Linux.

Big changes are coming and we will be closed for sales in 2019.  (This does not affect the current crop, which is available now and will ship on our normal schedule, by April 2019.  We will be closing the shop for root and tuber sales on January 31st, so don’t delay.  My current expectation is that we will next open for preorders in spring of 2020 and begin shipping again in fall of 2020.)

Last updated Jan 9, 2019

Harvest is done.  Yacon sold out in pre-orders this year, so there will not be more available.  At this point, what the shop shows in stock is cleaned and packeted.  There won’t be anything more this year.

We have shipped most 2018 orders destined for the warmer parts of the west, excepting those that contain items that are usually dug on demand.  Those will go when our rains let up a bit.  We’re doing another big west coast batch this weekend as well.  If you are east of west, it is just a waiting game with the weather now.

Almost there!  Everything that will be in stock is now listed, with the exception of yacon and Early Access Program items.  We’re struggling with the weather as usual in December, but I hope to have the yacon out and counted soon.

We’re getting close to finished with the harvest.  Down to just ulluco, yacon, and a few miscellaneous things.  I hope to be done by the end of the coming weekend and then back to shipping what we can at this time of year.

We shipped the first few hundred orders this week.  Most all-seed orders have shipped and any remaining will in the next week or two as the last batches dry and we finish germination tests.  Root and tuber orders have shipped to much of the west.  If you are east of the Rockies, you probably shouldn’t expect your order until spring, although we sometimes get a warm weather window where we can ship to some areas even in winter.  Orders including yacon will be the last to ship, as we haven’t even begun to harvest it yet.

The potatoes and oca are completely harvested.  Yay!  It will take a few more days to get them cleaned up and put into inventory.  There were a few surprises, but overall it was a better than average crop.  We’re going to get hosed down with rain for the rest of the week, so I anticipate being in the office shipping orders and catching up on correspondence.

Ulluco is next up when weather permits and I’ll hold off on mashua and yacon until forced by cold weather, since they are still flowering and setting seed.

We have started to run out of stock on preorders for a lot of things.  That doesn’t necessarily mean that we won’t have more.  I try to calculate preorder quantities very conservatively, so it is likely that we will harvest twice as much as was available for preorder in most cases.  We just won’t offer any more until everything is harvested and counted.  Roots and tubers will start to go into stock starting around Thanksgiving and harvest usually wraps up by mid-December, but everything is a negotiation with the weather.

From here on out, things get crazy.  We’re past the autumn equinox, so most of our plants are now in the final stage before harvest.  We will most likely start harvesting some things in late October and continue through the first half of December.  I will put everything in stock as I get it cleaned up and counted.  Hopefully that will all be done by the end of the year.  You don’t need to wait to order and, in the case of rarer items, you probably shouldn’t.  That is why we have free shipping in the US – place as many orders as you like and I will combine them at shipping time.  Don’t expect a lot of updates until then, unless you are a member of our Facebook group, where I will be posting a lot of pictures as we harvest.

If you have recently tried to use this site and received a security error from your browser, it was due to a misconfiguration with our new SSL certificate.  SSL certificates have to be updated every other year and this time I forgot to include a file that some browsers require in order to verify the authenticity of the certificate.  Sorry about that.  It should work with any browser now.

Fresh seed is starting to trickle into stock.  Mauka flowering has wrapped up, so the seed that is in stock now is all that there will be this year.  I’m working mostly on wild potato seeds right now.  Some mashua, oca, and domesticated potato seed is also starting to come in, but collection usually doesn’t end until December.

As far as I am aware the site is working normally.

Holy cow.  We had another bug that was preventing some people from being able to click Proceed to Checkout.  Sorry about that.  I think it is finally fixed.  It was an incompatibility lurking in one of the plugins that we use.  If you have been trying to place an order, it really should work now.

I think our ordering and email problems are fixed now.

I moved the website to new hardware a while back and it looked pretty good, but I have since discovered a few problems.  There isn’t a lot of activity at this time of year, so it wasn’t immediately obvious.  Our email wasn’t getting forwarded to where I could see it, so it has piled up.  I’ve got that licked and I’ll be sorting through the emails this weekend.  It also appears that at least some people are having trouble placing orders right now and getting an Internal Server Error at the top of the checkout page.  I will be troubleshooting that tonight.  Sorry about the problems.  It is hard to do IT and farming at the same time.

It took longer than expected, but the site is now up and running on new hardware.  Things were getting slow during busy times on the previous server, but we should now be able to handle a much heavier load.

We’re closed for orders temporarily, hopefully not for more than a day or two, while I move the site to new hardware.

Almost all 2018 orders have shipped.  Unless you are in the colder parts of Alaska, Iowa, Michigan, Ohio or Wisconsin, your order should have shipped by now.

Preorders for 2019 are now open.  It looks like we will have a good crop of yacon this year, but a little smaller than normal after last year’s flooding damaged our planting material.  I expect that yacon will probably sell out early this year.  Otherwise, we are in good shape so far and entering the time of year when things dry out, so I expect pretty normal crops in general.

Early Access Program

After counting up the stock of everything available, I have decided not to do the EAP program this year.  There just wouldn’t be enough to go around.  Instead, I am renewing all EAP subscriptions through next year.  If you would prefer a refund to a free year, that’s fine too – just send us an email.

User Accounts

We lost all user accounts as part of our software switch in early 2017.  This did not affect orders, but you won’t be able to log in with your previous user name and password.  It is easy to create a new account when ordering and you can use the same name as before.  You can also now use your Facebook account for login if you prefer.


10 thoughts on “Status

  1. elise.power says:

    My daughter asked for the two thongs of sea kale, and they are out of stock. Will they be back in stock soon?

    • bill says:

      We keep a reserve in case orders go missing or get damaged and that reserve goes back in stock each year when we are done shipping existing orders. That should happen in about a week to 10 days. Right now, it looks like we will have some more sea kale thongs available.

    • bill says:

      Seeds that are available for preorder are listed that way now. The rest will only be available after harvest because we grow them in small numbers and can’t be sure about availability.

      • M says:

        Thanks for the reply, I see. Do you update the mailing list when each product becomes available for order, or do we need to check regularly? Thanks

        • bill says:

          Yep. New items are noted in the newsletter. We typically start adding items into stock in November and that can continue well into January as things get cleaned and processed.

  2. Kaela says:

    Do you, by any chance, have any ullucos that are left over??? I JUST found your site I live in Pacifica in California. I think they would do well at my house and I’m anxious to try this year!

    • bill says:

      I would recommend starting them in pots, but I have also planted some seed directly outdoors and had good results. You’re just taking a risk that a hungry bird might nip off your rather rare seedlings.

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