Cultivariable Status

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We’re not growing roots & tubers for sale in 2019, while we focus on making the change to growing all of our clonal crops from tissue cultures.  That means that roots and tubers will probably next be available in fall of 2020.

We do still have some seeds in stock and they will remain available for as long as the supply holds out.

Shipping of outstanding orders will continue through April as usual.

Last updated Mar 7, 2019

This has been a really weird weather year.  We are still experiencing overnight temperatures in the 20s, which is the cutoff for shipping roots and tubers.  It looks like we will finally be done with this cold weather on Sunday, so orders should start shipping again after that.

We still have just about 200 orders to ship, but that should fit comfortably within what remains of March, so I expect that we’ll hit our normal delivery date of April 1st for every destination that is warm enough to receive roots and tubers.