Cultivariable Status

If you have placed an order and did not receive an email, please check your spam folder.  Gmail, in particular, loves to classify my emails as spam.  You can also look up the status of your order or message me under My AccountAlso, the following domains (among others) do not reliably accept emails from Cultivariable:,,,,,,,,,,

Nov 11, 2023: I have restocked and added a lot of new TPS the past few days, including Blue Spruce, Happy Banana, Happy Red, Lookin’ Waqy, Muru, Papa Cacho, Red-Eyed Bull, and Yum Llum.

Nov 6, 2023: All caught up on seed orders.  If you had an open order placed prior to today, it has shipped.

Oct 27, 2023: Up to my elbows in the harvest right now, so orders are stacking up as usual at this time of year.  Looks like the first week of November will be rainy, so I expect to catch up on shipping then.

Sep 5, 2023: Slowly marching toward harvest.  The earliest things will start to come up around the end of this month, but Nov/Dec is when the majority is dug.  Selection will be very limited this year, as I grew a new foundation crop this year, most of which will be my seed for next year.  I expect to have plenty of TPS, a lot of new mashuas, some oca, but very little ulluco or yacon.  I have quite a few orders carried over from last year and I will be focusing on getting those ready before taking new root and tuber orders, so those may not be available until January to make sure I have time to close older orders out first.

Having grown a foundation crop this year, you can expect many new varieties this time next year, including at least 30 promising new potatoes, 15 mashuas, 30 ocas, and 20 ullucos.  This is the biggest batch of new varieties that I have ever grown and represents about four years of selection.  But that’s next year.  Between now and then, the shelves may look a bit bare.

June 13, 2023: I’ve been offline for a few weeks due to a dead motherboard.  That is finally fixed, so I will be catching up on orders.