2023 Changes to Ordering / Wait List

Over the past two years, I have experimented with many different ways of producing and fulfilling products.  If you are a frequent customer, that has probably gotten a little confusing.  The good news is: I have reached a conclusion and it is one that simplifies everything.

I no longer offer preorders.  I no longer produce in vitro plantlets on demand or in batches (that is, the upcoming March and June orders that have already been placed will be the last large batches that I do.)

The web site now lists current stock for all items.  When something is in stock, it is ready to ship, although I will still only ship perishable items when the weather is safe.  I will produce products, at least to some degree, in proportion to the number of people who add them to their waitlists.  This is not that much different than the previous preorder system, except that you obviously don’t pay in advance.  While that is likely to reduce my income a bit, it also dramatically reduces the administrative overhead, so I consider it a good trade.

Put things in your waitlist.  Buy them when they are in stock.  Receive them when the weather is safe.  I hope that you will find this a simpler and easier system than before.

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