If you need a statement for your Organic certifier, you can refer them to this page.


Our seeds and planting stock are not Organic.  They are, however, grown with no pesticides or herbicides of any kind.

Beginning in 2021, I have begun the process of moving from offering clonal varieties in root/tuber form to in vitro plantlets.  In vitro plantlets are not organic because they contain the Murashige and Skoog formulation of minerals and vitamins (essentially a fertilizer).  My plantlets do not contain pesticides or supplemental hormones.  The medium that I use with in vitro plantlets that are sold is 8g/L agar,  4.4 g/L M&S medium with vitamins, and 20g/L sucrose (sucrose is omitted for some plants).  Under the USDA Organic rules section 205.201(a)(2), you can propose to your certifier that non-organic propagules can be used instead of Organic for reasons of quality.  Given that field grown roots and tubers are overwhelmingly carriers of disease while in vitro plantlets are not, I think that you can make a pretty convincing argument in favor of using plantlets for reasons of quality.


None of our products are GMO.

Seed Treatments

Certain seeds are treated with bleach and trisodium phosphate to reduce disease transmission.  This is not a persistent treatment, but a cleaning step during seed processing.  The crops that receive this treatment are dahlia, Jerusalem artichoke, oca, potato, ulluco, and yacon.