You have no privacy on the Internet.  Given that, reading the rest of this page is probably a waste of time.

Here’s the bottom line: I don’t make money from advertising, so I have no incentive to track you or collect information about you beyond what is necessary to fulfill your order and communicate with you.  If you want excruciating detail, read on…

I don’t use the information that you provide to do anything other than to send your orders and occasional email updates.  You can opt out of email updates simply by contacting me.  Every mass email that I send includes an unsubscribe link.  I will never share your personal information with third parties, other than those who provide services used by this site (see below).

All communications with this web site are encrypted with SSL.

Service Providers

Your information is shared only with the following companies that are involved in the billing and fulfillment process:

* If you pay with a credit card, Paypal processes your payment.

* I ship orders through

* I use Google Analytics to understand how people use this website.  That information is anonymous, but I imagine that Google knows who you are and keeps a record of whatever pages you visit on virtually every site on the web, since almost everyone uses Google Analytics.


This site uses software provided by WordPress, WooCommerce, Mediawiki, Discourse, Mailtrain, and others.  These applications use cookies.  Although cookies sometimes have a bad reputation, they are simply small files that are stored on your computer that contain information about how you use the site.  Some cookies allow you to access the site without logging in again.  Some allow your browser to remember the contents of your shopping cart.  They cannot be used to collect information about you (for the information to be placed in the cookie, you must have already given it to us) and third parties cannot access the cookies.  You can delete or disable cookies from your web browser, but the site may not work as well if you do.  Cookies can be used for tracking only when they come from another domain.  All cookies set by this web site are set by our domain,, and cannot be used to track you once you leave here.

And, no, we don’t pop up one of those idiotic cookie warning banners required by European law, because we aren’t in Europe and, furthermore, they are about as useful as popping up a banner warning you that this site uses HTTP.  Only politicians can come up with ideas this dumb.

Data Deletion

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