Product Availability

I offer three classes of product: seeds, roots and tubers, and in vitro plantlets.  Each is available and ships on a different schedule.  One of the most common questions that I get regards when everything will be in the catalog for the year.  Unfortunately, there is no such time.  I grow and harvest year round.  The month of peak availability is usually January, but if you wait for January, some things will have already sold out.  My advice is to order what you want when it is in stock and let me figure out the rest.  For perishable products (roots and tubers), I ship when your weather is safe.  If you place more than one order, I will usually ship them together.  Shipping is included in prices, so you don’t pay more for multiple orders.


With seeds, the amount shown in stock is always true (allowing for the occasional mistake).  Seeds typically ship within two weeks.

Roots and Tubers

Roots and tubers are available between harvest and the end of their dormancy, which usually means from about December to April.  The amount shown in stock is true during this period.  Outside of this period, roots and tubers are offered as preorders and the amount shown in stock is an estimate.  The timing of shipping is complicated, but spring is the usual target.

In Vitro Plantlets

Plantlets are available year round with an eight week lead time.  These are produced on demand, so the amount in stock is never true – it just serves to prevent people from ordering more than I can produce in a short period of time.