Status: Potato tuber sales will resume following harvest in the fall. Pre-orders are open now. A few lines of seed are still in stock.

Potatoes are generally planted from tubers, which is how varieties are maintained. If you are in doubt about what you want to grow, you probably want to stick to the Potato Tubers category. We also offer two other categories for more advanced growers and breeders. The Wild Potato Tubers category contains tubers of potato species that are wild relatives of the common potato. Most of these are not edible without special preparation and are primarily used for breeding. The Potato Seed category contains true potato seeds, which are used by breeders to produce new varieties. At this point, we offer substantially more types of true potato seed than tubers, although I expect to increase the number of tuber varieties that we offer over the next couple of years. You can read more about the kinds of breeding that I do with potatoes here.