Jan 2 2022: Oca tubers are now starting to come back into stock.  More varieties will become available over the next few weeks.  There will be no true oca seeds offered this year.  Feedback on germination has consistently been so poor that I just don’t feel good about selling them.  I need to reevaluate which lines go into the mixes and experiment with better ways for people to germinate the seeds.
Oca information and growing instructions

Four important tuber crops were developed in the Andes: potato, ulluco, mashua, and oca (Oxalis tuberosa). Oca is arguably the next most adaptable to temperate climates after the potato. Tubers are small, mostly 2-4 inches in length, but amazingly colorful. Cooked, they are somewhat similar to potato, but softer and often with a more acidic flavor. Yields are best in climates that remain frost free until mid-November.