Apr 3 2022: Preorders for the 2022 crop are now open (for delivery by spring 2023).

I start making items available for preorder in April and May as previous harvest stock sells out and spring sales wind down.  Preorders will be shipped between November of the same year and April of the next year, depending on when the items are harvested, your climate, and our weather.

A preorder is any item that we are growing in the current year that has not yet been harvested.  There is a small discount for preorder items, since you are helping to even out our income over the off season.  Typically, I offer preorders for roots and tubers but not for seeds.  I estimate the crop that I expect to harvest and offer 60% of it for preorder.  This is generally a safe and conservative estimate, but sometimes things go wrong and we have a crop failure.  If that happens, you will be refunded for the preorder, unless you selected either “Keep the order open for the next harvest” or “Substitute with a similar variety” at checkout.  If you selected the former, I will just keep the preorder open for the following year while shipping anything else that you ordered and, if you selected the latter, I will substitute, if possible, and otherwise refund the item.  I am typically able to fulfill about 95% of preorders without substitution or delay.

The absolute limitation on preorder shipping is harvest.  Potatoes are harvested between August and November, depending on variety. Mashua and oca are typically harvested in December and ulluco in January.  Most other crops, including achira, arracacha, dahlia, horseradish, sea kale, sunchokes, and yacon, are harvested in March and April, just before they are shipped.  Add two to three weeks to those dates for cleaning and packaging and that is the earliest that your preorder could possibly be shipped.  The next hurdle is that, if you live in a climate that has freezing winters, we can’t safely ship roots and tubers until the weather allows, which probably means spring.  So, most preorders ship in spring.  If I can ship sooner, I will.

Some items are not available for preorder because I grow them in small quantities and it is much harder to predict availability.

You can cancel a preorder at any time prior to shipment by emailing