Shipping Restrictions

Countries and US states each have their own restrictions on what plants we can send.  We do our best to know and follow the rules, but the ultimate responsibility rests with you to understand your local laws.

International Restrictions

I do not ship roots and tubers outside the USA.

After a hiatus of several years, I have resumed sending seeds internationally as of October 2020.  You can read more about that here.

State Restrictions

Some states have restrictions on import of plant materials, as listed below.  There may be other restrictions that I am not aware of and I recommend that you check your state regulations before ordering, because I don’t spend my free time reading the agricultural regulations for all the states and territories of the USA.  Some states even have local/regional regulations and I can pretty much guarantee that I am ignorant of those.  If you live in a state with agricultural inspections, your order may be stopped and inspected and potentially confiscated if the inspectors don’t like the condition of the materials.  Usually the inspectors will contact me if there is a problem, but if they contact you first, please get in touch.  The condition of our products is guaranteed, so I will be happy to work with state inspectors to resolve any problems, and I would also like to know if they have spotted something that is a legitimate concern.

We cannot ship the following products to the states or provinces indicated.  Because our software does not allow ordering restrictions by state, we will cancel and refund these items if you order them with a shipping address in a restricted state.

For states with agricultural inspections, we add a label to the outside of the package that lists the contents by species.

Alaska: Potato tubers (seeds OK)

California: Onion bulbs

Florida: Potato tubers (seeds OK)

Hawaii: Sea kale and related Crambe species

Idaho: Onion bulbs and potato tubers (seeds OK)

Maine: Potato tubers (seeds OK)

Montana: Potato tubers (seeds OK)

Puerto Rico: No roots/tubers/vegetative material (seeds only)