Unless specifically noted otherwise, all varieties in the catalog are in the public domain.  Public domain varieties can be propagated by anyone for any purpose, without restriction.  Most Cultivariable original varieties are open source.  For more information, please see our open source page.

Cultivar Identification

Most of the varieties we sell are not particularly common.  In most cases, our seed stock has come to us through other suppliers, grocery stores, and trades with other growers, who got their stock in a similar fashion.  We often end up with varieties that are duplicates under different names or are misidentified.  We do our best to sort out these problems before offering a new variety in the store, but sometimes we are fooled.  The end result is that we sometimes offer misidentified varieties.  When we figure this out, we will notify you if you have purchased one of these varieties.

As much as possible, we try to use the most common name for a given variety.  In some cases, we name or rename varieties when they come to us without names or when there is a conflict.  For example, we have three different varieties that came to us as “New Zealand Red” and two “Amarillo”.  We have retained the original name for the most common variety by that name and renamed the others.