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[box type=”note”]Status: Sales of skirret offsets will resume following harvest in the fall. Seeds are still available for as long as they last. Pre-orders for offsets are open now. If you want skirret offsets, I highly recommend placing a pre-order, because we never have enough to meet demand. We’re growing more this year, but demand has exceeded our expansion every year.[/box][box type=”info”]Skirret Growing Guide[/box]

Skirret was a more popular root crop in Europe before the introduction of the potato from the new world. Once the potato gained in popularity, skirret apparently suffered a precipitous decline. This is really unfortunate, because the two aren’t all that similar and skirret is delicious in its own right. It has a flavor that reminds us of carrot, parsnip, and potato, but in its own unique proportions. It can be eaten raw or cooked, but we’re of the opinion that it tastes better cooked. It is a wonderful plant for the gardener because it is a hardy perennial. Once established, it will grow 3-6 feet tall and out compete most weeds. The roots can be harvested any time after the first year. It likes wet, shady conditions, so it may give you a food crop in areas that otherwise don’t get much use. Think of it something like a perennial carrot that goes to seed every year. It withstands cold temperatures down to at least zone 6.