Cultivariable Status

Last updated Dec. 24 2017

Important: We lost all user accounts as part of our software switch.  This did not affect orders, but you won’t be able to log in with your previous user name and password.  It is easy to create a new account when ordering and you can use the same name as before.  You can also now use your Facebook account for login if you prefer.

Thank goodness that 2017 is coming to a close!  Let’s hope that 2018 goes better.

We’re now open.  Almost all the roots and tubers are in stock.  Many varieties are missing this year, as a result of our flooding in 2017, but they should be back in stock after the 2018 harvest.  We will open pre-orders for those around March/April most likely.

Some items are still in progress, most notably true potato seeds.  They have all been processed and are drying now.  That will take at least a week or more likely two.

Many items are in short supply this year, so if you see something that you have been looking for, best get it while you can.  One reason why we have free shipping is so you don’t have to wait to save on shipping.  We’ll combine your orders if possible.

If you are an Early Access Program subscriber, there are a couple of things that you should know.  We lost all the EAP subscriptions when we lost the user accounts.  I am fixing that manually and you will be resubscribed by the time we have EAP items in stock, which should be about three weeks.  You will have to purchase the subscription again if you want to continue next year, but we’ll send you an email notifying you when your current subscription is nearing expiration.

Happy holidays!


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