The following is a collection of web sites, forums, blogs, and documents that we have found useful.  You might want to check them out.  They’re not all directly relevant to the plants that we breed and sell, but many of them are.

(In no particular order.)

Blogs & Info


Growing Oca

The Vegetable Garden


The Veggie Patch Reimagined

Agricultural Biodiversity Weblog

Home of a Feral Biologist

Adam’s Apples

Northwest Edible Life

This and That

Templeton’s Mendelania

Bifurcated Carrots

Mushroom’s Blog

The Extreme Gardener

The Biologist is In

The Batata Gardener

Matos de Comer


Homegrown Goodness

Plant Breeding for Permaculture

Tater Mater Seeds Forum

On Facebook

Radix Root Crops

Kenosha Potato Project

Plant Breeding for Permaculture

Edible Plant Propagation


Lost Crops of the Incas

Descriptores de Oca (Oca Morphological Descriptors – in Spanish)

Mashua (Tropaeolum tuberosum)

Andean Roots and Tubers: Ahipa, Arracacha, Maca, and Yacon

Community Plant Breeding

Open Source Seed Initiative

The Experimental Farm Network

The Guild of Oca Breeders

Seed Companies

These companies provide perennial and less common food plants that our customers tend to be interested in.  I don’t necessarily endorse them or have any relationship with them; I just think that they are doing interesting work.

Adaptive Seeds

Johann’s Garden

Oikos Tree Crops

Peace Seedlings

Sacred Succulents

Tater Mater Seeds

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