These are the best ways to follow Cultivariable:

Follow the blog through RSS

The benefit of RSS is that it doesn’t require any kind of account with us.  Point your RSS reader to:

I have recently fixed a problem with the feed, so if you tried it before and it didn’t work, please give it another try.


My intention is to send out a newsletter once a month.  I usually don’t manage to produce one nearly that often, but I am going to try harder.  The newsletter summarizes all activity in the past month, so if you prefer to get all the news in a compact form, this is the way to go.

Join our mailing list


Join the Cultivariable forum to discuss the plants that we grow with the community.  Beyond that, the forum offers the most control over how you receive updates.  New blog posts are automatically posted on the forum, so you can choose to be notified through the forum software.  You can choose to receive emails about new posts as they happen or on any schedule that you prefer (including never).  You will find the options under your account preferences -> Activity Summary.

The forum and the Cultivariable website use different credentials, so you need an account on both.  This is slightly inconvenient, but it is a measure to help protect your privacy and security.

Social Media

I post about the same content on the forum and all social media sites, but the conversation is usually most extensive on Facebook.

Note that I do not use the private messaging functions of any social media site.  If you wish to contact me privately, do it through email.





Advertisements & Marketing

I do not advertise and I don’t sell products anywhere but this website.  If you receive an offer that takes you anywhere else, it is not authentic.