I have been pretty inconsistent about using different channels of communication and I’m planning to tighten that up.  I want to emphasize that the only way that you are guaranteed to get announcements is by signing up for the newsletter.  Social media systems are increasingly a shakedown that requires you to pay to reach your followers and we don’t have the budget to do that even if we wanted to.  On Facebook and Twitter, you might see all, some, or none of our posts and there is nothing we can do about that.  If you want to sign up for one thing, I recommend the Facebook group.  I put more effort into the group than anything else.


We will use our Facebook page to deliver announcements and new growing guides and blog posts. That should be four posts or less each month. If you just want to know when the store opens and closes and when new guides or posts are published, take your pick of the three as you prefer.


We will use our Facebook group for discussion, primarily about growing and breeding the plants that we work with. The group has new postings almost every day. If you want to get more into the details of these plants, you should join the group.  Only members can see posts in the group and it is a friendly environment, made up of people with a common interest.


The most interesting and useful information from both of the above will be bundled up in our email newsletter, which I now plan to send once per month. Sign up for our newsletter.

Twitter and Instagram

I have used these platforms in the past but have mostly disengaged from them.  That doesn’t mean that I won’t change my mind in the future.  Whereas I usually enjoy interacting with people at our Facebook group and page, I often find Twitter to be an unpleasant experience.  That’s certainly not an indictment of anyone who likes Twitter.  Many people do; I’m just not one of them.  They also changed formats so that they now crop square photos, which requires additional work just to post something there.  Instagram is clearly designed for people who are younger than I am and who like to use their phones for everything.  I mostly use a desktop, which requires annoying workarounds to post on Instagram, so I usually find reasons not to.