Status: Jerusalem artichoke tuber sales will resume following harvest in the fall. Pre-orders are open now. If you want skirret offsets, I highly recommend placing a pre-order, because we never have enough to meet demand. We’re growing more this year, but demand has exceeded our expansion every year.

The Jerusalem artichoke, sunchoke, or sunroot is probably the best known of the few native North American root crops. It is a plant that inspires wide ranging reactions. Some people love it and others hate it. The Jerusalem artichoke stores most of its energy in the form of the indigestible sugar inulin. Many people can consume inulin without any difficulties, while others experience unpleasant side effects. If you find Jerusalem artichokes palatable and digestible, then you should really grow this plant, as it is one of the most widely adaptable, high yielding, and low maintenance root crops that you can grow. We offer tubers and seed. Seed does not grow true, but is used to breed new varieties. Varieties are maintained by replanting tubers.