OSSI Open Source Varieties

Open source seed is like open source software: you can do anything with it other than change the terms under which it is distributed.  All Cultivariable original varieties are released under the terms of the Open Source Seed Initiative Pledge.  The pledge is printed on all packets for our original varieties.  You can also read it here:


Some people have asked if this limits their ability to sell these varieties.  The answer is: absolutely not!  You can save your own seed and sell our varieties.  You can use them to breed new varieties, as long as those varieties are also open source.  In other words, all descendants of a variety that we have released under open source terms must be provided under the same terms.  I do request a voluntary exclusivity period and royalty to help ensure that I make a profit on new varieties.

In cases where the edible portion of the plant is also used for propagation (as is the case with tubers, for example), you do not need to label when you are selling for use as food.  When you are selling for use as seed, include the label.  If you are selling for either use, you might use something like a sign informing the buyer that the variety is open source and some optional handbills for those who are buying for use as seed.

Seeds collected from open source varieties must also be offered under the OSSI pledge.

You can print copies of our open source label or produce your own directly from the OSSI materials:

Open Source Label

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