Mashua (Tropaeolum tuberosum)

Status: All mashua is sold out except for Blanca. We just found a missing bin of it in the cooler, so there is quite a bit back in stock.

Mashua, also commonly known as añu, is a tuber-forming relative of the nasturtium, grown for thousands of years as a food crop in the Andes. The plant looks much like the common garden nasturtium. It can be grown on flat ground, but likes to climb and will grow up to 10 feet if given the opportunity. Produces a lot of red/orange flowers in the fall, when little else is blooming, and will be mobbed by Anna’s hummingbirds if you have them in your area. All parts are edible. Raw, it has a complex flavor that is difficult to describe, other than to say that it finishes hot, like mustard or horseradish. Cooked, it has a flavor and texture similar to turnip.

Mashua seed has proven to be very popular and we’re having a hard time keeping any in stock. We hope to have another seed crop starting in March and we’re going to do our best to produce more this year.