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Yacon: Leaf Shape

One of the problems that we have in maintaining and expanding our little yacon collection is that it can be very difficult to distinguish different yacon varieties.  Plants look very similar in the field and the rhizomes and storage roots also don’t vary all that much from variety to variety.  A few conveniently have red/purple […]

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Yacon: Happy in the Heat

This has been a tough year for Andean crops on the Washington coast.  The weather has been significantly drier and warmer than any time in the ten years that we’ve lived here.  In most years, we look for temperatures to reach into the 70s (Fahrenheit) about twice.  This year, we’ve had almost thirty days with […]

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Yacon: Stem Cuttings

I have something of a love/hate relationship with yacon.  I love to eat the storage tubers, but I hate dealing with storing the crown.  I lose a lot of it over the winter no matter what I do.  I can leave it outside here, but a lot of it rots in the wet soil.  I […]

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Summer heat and Andean crops

This was a pretty normal year on the coast of Washington.  We had a cool winter, a cool spring, a cool summer, and so far, we’re having a cool fall.  We’re close enough to the ocean that the temperature of the Pacific just off shore is a much better predictor of our temperatures than anything […]

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Wind storm damage; ulluco blues

We had a somewhat unusual strong wind storm over the weekend.  That is actually a pretty common event here, but not in September.  We usually have until mid-December before the big storms roll in off the Pacific. Rescued ulluco seeds from snapped stems This one wasn’t particularly powerful, but still more damaging than usual because […]

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