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Oca: The next generation

Today I collected the first of my second generation crosses.  These are the first seeds produced by plants that we grew from seed. Hopefully the first of many, although I won’t inflict you with any more pictures of seeds in bags.  Since I don’t know the characteristics of many of the parent plants at this […]

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Oca: Pie

At one point while chewing on a piece of oca stem, it occurred to me that it tasted quite a bit like gooseberry.  As a lover of gooseberry pie, my next thought was to wonder whether oca stems could be used to make a pie.  Today, we put it to the test. You might call […]

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Oca: Mini tubers from 2013 seedlings

A side note to start with: Northwest Edible Life invited me to do an introduction to Andean root vegetables, which has gone up today: I’m really pleased with how it turned out.  Northwest Edible Life is a great blog and definitely worth checking out if you’re reading here. —– This will be just a […]

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Oca: Lifespan of cuttings

We overwintered quite a few seedling oca plants this year.  These plants were started from seed in August and only a few produced tubers before the end of the season.  I wasn’t sure what to expect – if the plants would form tubers indoors, if they would grow through the winter, or if they would […]

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Oca: Seedling Progress and 2014 Plans

We’re growing a lot of oca in 2014!  Plans are always subject to change, particularly where nature is involved, but the current incarnation of Oca Plan 2014 calls for 1080 plants.  530 of those plants will be established varieties, although we’re growing a lot more of those this year – 66 varieties at last count. […]

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Oca: 2013 harvest

Mostly, this post is just an excuse to show you a staged picture.  But, I’ll pad it out a bit with some stats, because, who doesn’t like stats? We grew 364 oca plants this year.  About half were grown from small tubers and cuttings in our upper garden, where I focused on seed production.  These […]

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