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Ulluco: 2016 Wrap Up

Unveiling new ulluco varieties is starting to become a little routine.  Oh well, there is really no rut that I would rather be stuck in. I reached a peak of 44 ulluco seedlings this year.  25 of them died, were culled due to obvious disease, or failed to set any tubers.  19 survived to the […]

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Ulluco: 2015 Seed Production

Ulluco seed production in 2015 The ulluco seed season has come to a close for 2015.  Not long after the autumn equinox, when ulluco begins to form tubers, it stops producing seeds.  Some varieties continue to flower, but the flowers no longer form seeds, even with hand pollination. 2015 is our third year producing seeds […]

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Ulluco: Seedling Blast

The last ten days have been a remarkable run for our ulluco project.  Seven new seedlings have emerged in that time, bringing the total for the year to 17, a 1.62% germination rate.  So far, 14 seedlings remain alive and 6 of those are well-developed, adult plants that will almost certainly set a tuber crop […]

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Ulluco: Generation 2 in the Works

Ulluco is a plant with a demographic challenge.  As far as we know, all of the existing ulluco varieties are old.  I haven’t seen any studies that attempt to determine the age of the major cultivars, but it isn’t unreasonable to think that they could be hundreds of generations old.  It probably isn’t even unthinkable […]

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Ulluco: Seedling Progress

On February 6th, I noticed that our first ulluco seed had sprouted in the greenhouse.  In the three weeks since then, it has grown pretty rapidly, judging by the results reported by Lempiainen in 1989 in the paper Germination of the Seeds of Ulluco.  As of today (day 21), the seedling has opened 3 sets […]

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Ulluco: Seedling Success

Today I spotted something in the greenhouse that made my heart skip a beat: a tiny bit of green rising from the surface of a flat of ulluco seed.  Of course, weeds do occasionally make it into our potting mix, so I carefully removed the sprout and confirmed that it was indeed coming from an […]

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Ulluco: From seed

Last year I was surprised to find that a few of my ulluco plants were setting seed. This year, I improved on that by producing a much larger amount of seed. I’ve learned some interesting things along the way, such as the fact that 86% of the ulluco seeds do not contain fully developed embryos […]

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